Former Rio Grande, Cumbres and Toltec 492

Photo: John West

Number: 492
Type: Locomotive
Class: K-37
Category: Motive Power
Year Built: 1902
Manufacturer: Baldwin
Year Rebuilt: 1928-30

The K-37's were numbered from  490-499. These locomotives were rebuilt from class C-41 standard Gauge engines . The 490's have had a reputation for being stiff and were subject to derailing . Look under the tender of a K-37  to find that the tenders wheels were just shoved closer together to fit Narrow Gauge track. You can distinguish the K-37's from the K-36's by the old fashioned fluted sand and steam domes, and by the straight profile of the boiler tops. The K-37's in survival are 492, 494, 405, 497, which are owned by the C&T; 491 is owned by the CHS and is on display at the CRRM. The Durango and Silverton own 493, and 498.

Surviving Denver and Rio Grande Locomotives